Business development consultant specialising in online trading.

I have a passion for trading.


Transparency & integrity are my tools.


I am delighted to be working on behalf of TrioMarkets as my preferred trading platform.

Kyriacos Demitrious Kyriacou (Kyri)

Experienced investor, trader, and blogger in the financial markets.

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Born in London in 1968, I have both British & Cypriot dual nationality. I left the UK in 2012 and worked in several countries, dedicated to educating and inspiring the world in online trading.

I am a proud parent and believe that I approach my career ethically and maintained a lot of good friends in this industry.

I have worked for several big brokerages & banks over the past 30 years and learnt a lot about the markets and how to trade & invest smart and riskless. I will only ever promote the best ethical practice. I created this website have worked in finance and on the trading floor for far too long, I wanted to change direction slightly. Investing and or trading can be a complex and somewhat risky endeavour thus I want to help newcomers to look at the industry and perhaps speculating the market rationally.

I have seen some excellent practices by reputable companies but also have seen somewhat unethical methods as well.

 I do not offer investment advice but only views and opinions. It is the investors’ money, so they should decide.

Any speculator needs to have the ability to interact with an unbiased professional who has their best interests at hand, so please do not hesitate to contact anytradefx.com.



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Ricardo Moco Batista, Analyst

Engineer, Entrepreneur, MBA at Project Management, and Forex Trader. Ricardo is a self-motivated and detail-oriented financial analyst.  He speaks Portuguese and English. Based inBrazil.

Kyriacos Kyriacou

Creator of anytradefx.com to write blogs and articles about his 30 years of experience in the financial markets.