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What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface and it is a program that enables one software to interact with the other. The API is a messenger taking requests and telling a system what the user wants it to do then returns the response back to the user.

How is API used in trading?

The trading API like the name suggests enables you to interact with the trading system. To be more specific, it allows you to implement directly on the exchange. This is useful to the traders who run algorithmic models on their trading systems and want to be able to execute trades and receive live or real time pricing manually or automatically through the algorithm when their model initiates a trading signal.

Before the advent of API trading, traders had to screen for opportunities in one application and place trades separately with the broker. Most of the retail brokers today use APIs enabling traders to connect their screening software direct with the brokerage account sharing real-time prices and also placing orders.

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TrioMarkets FIX API solution enables MT4/MT5 brokers to utilise the Finance Information Exchange API protocol to provide liquidity to partners. The solution allows brokers to provide quote and order sessions to:

Execute market, stop, limit, and other orders.

Subscribe to quotes according to specified group mark-up settings and permissions;

Receive execution reports for each order

Receive position reports

FIX API can be used as an extension of the TrioMarkets Liquidity Bridge solution for traders who are interested in extending bridge functionality to meet the unique needs of their strategy.

Interested, let me know what you are looking for, reference assets and spreads and I will refer it to our head broker.