Copy Trading  NAGA  Win Strategy

Copy Trading is an innovative tool used in the Foreign Exchange market (Forex).

It can also be referred to as social trading and is accomplished by connecting an individual’s personal trading account to an authorized master trading account using the same broker.

Every forex trade made by the master account is immediately made in all connected individual accounts, all while individual trade capital remains in full control of each account holder.

For this reason, the tool is commonly known as “Copy Trading”.

Choose the trader you’d like to Autocopy, input the amount of funds you’d like to allocate and click Autocopy.

You just started mirroring the leading trader’s positions automatically and in real time! You can close and individual trades or pause autocopying any trader, any time you want.

Image by Marvin Meyer

What Our Clients Say

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  • Amelia Jones Smithers

I was too busy to trade but wanted to see what it's all about. Followed a trader and really amazed by his success, so far.