Apple Loses $450 Billion in Value

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

U.S. stocks dropped sharply, capping their biggest weekly drop since March, after earnings from the largest tech companies disappointed investors concerned that a slowing economy compounded by Covid19, Presidential uncertainty, trade wars and potential lawsuits/taxation against some tech giants.

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Traders will like the volatility; Investors may want to wait for the election next week or a potential slowdown in this pandemic.

When analysing and following the biggest company in the world, it is not unusual for there to be big numbers and headlines, but this was a massive drop in value.

Nevertheless, some traders may prick up their ears when the see such a fall and consider trading because of this volatility.

Having become the first American company to surpass $2 trillion in market value in August and peaking last month, Apple has lost $450 billion in value, wiped out by a near 20% slump. The latest bout of selling -- a 5.6% drop on Friday -- took out more than $120 billion alone. Apple’s now worth $1.85 trillion (not bad) and still the most valuable U.S. company.

Apple sales missed analysts’ estimates and just as worrying did not disclose expectations for the next quarter, holiday season. Fiscal fourth-quarter revenue from the iPhone was $26.4 billion, compared to expectations of $27.1 billion.

The Nasdaq 100 Index plunged 2.6% on Friday and had its worst week since the coronavirus-induced selloff in March. Disappointing sales forecasts from tech companies like Apple, Twitter Inc. and Facebook Inc. are sparking worries about further growth potential in the names that led this year’s rebound.

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