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Day traders are credited with sparking a revolution on Wall Street and worldwide, helping to supercharge the shares of GameStop (for example) and rattling the foundation of sectors of the hedge-fund industry in the process, truly, times are a changing.

Is it time to join? Cash is dead, your banks don’t want your savings, that’s a fact. Why not take control, I’m not saying trade all your savings, it’s definitely best to invest in established stocks or property etc., as proved over the years, but the big but, why not dabble with a bit of cash in the markets short term? In and out. Looks like the kids are doing it and succeeding. The established dinosaurs are worried, change in the status quo.

We are witnessing a new era in the financial markets. More and more people are trading, and as brokers are cleaning up their act with better transparency and stronger regulation, are you ready to give it a punt?

More people are trading or investing online as never before, and the leading brokers are assisting with this growth. Interaction, communication & transactions now go hand in hand and smart people are fully adapting to it - all powered by new fintech brokers and their attractive user-friendly platforms, especially to millennials.

The main type of online brokers for individual traders, known as retail traders, are also called discount brokers.

A retail/discount broker is a platform that charges a lower commission because they don’t offer any advice like research or trading for you, they only offer the platform and assets to trade the 'contracts for difference’. This allows you to speculate on whether an asset’s price will move up or down – without having to own the asset. This provides benefits, as well as the often-highlighted potential risk to trading.

Make sure you understand the fundamentals of CFD trading before you begin.


I have worked for numerous brokers and I started this site to assist people, to begin to trade and mitigate the risk. I am constantly approached by online brokers to promote their platforms, but I only pick specific ones, those who are regulated and not the money makers, therefore they are not the dealing desk, no conflict of interests, they simply do not make money from your losses but from the commissions they charge. NB, I really don’t care if I get paid by them, I just promote the industry.

Yesterday, I was delighted to hear about the recent success of one of my preferred partners Naga Markets.

As NAGA combines all of the above, the company is now seeing some exciting growth.

The NAGA Group is a provider of the social network for financial market trading NAGA.com and has started the new year 2021 with top figures.

With a trading volume of over € 18.5 billion, NAGA set a new monthly record, which represents an increase of 216% compared to the same period last year (€ 5.8 billion). The number of real money transactions also more than doubled, climbing sharply to a new high of 765,000 (January 2020: 281,000). This also had a positive impact on trading results, which increased by over 246% year-on-year. NAGA thus has experienced its strongest start of the year since the company was founded.

NAGA recorded an even more significant increase in new registrations, which rose more than six-fold. For example, over 25,500 new customers signed up with NAGA in January 2021 (January 2020: 3,900). New deposits have improved over 244% compared to the same period. Likewise, the company recorded a huge demand in the area of cryptocurrency CFD offered and seven-digit deposits of physical crypto assets to the NAGA Wallet.

"We are pleased with the strong start in 2021, January significantly exceeded our expectations. At the same time, we see ourselves confirmed in our decision to invest more in marketing. Our growth is profitable and builds on an absolutely sustainable trend in the market," comments Benjamin Bilski, CEO and founder of NAGA, on the record figures.

The already high interest in the stock market is currently further fuelled by the ongoing momentum in the cryptocurrency market as well as the recent global discussions around the Gamestop stock short squeeze, sparked by the Reddit forum group.

"We are just about to enter a new era in the stock market. More and more people are interested in the financial market and are actively looking for digital offers for investing in the financial market and cryptocurrencies. NAGA's social trading platform absolutely hits the nerve of the times. We are very pleased to see that engagement rates are also increasing tenfold on our platform; more and more exchanges are taking place and new users are already used to the combination of "social media & investing" by default. The next months and years on the global stock market will be extremely exciting," concludes Bilski

About NAGA

NAGA is an innovative fintech company that seamlessly connects personal finance transactions and investments through its social trading platform. The company's proprietary platform offers a range of products from stock trading, investments and cryptocurrencies to a physical Mastercard. Additionally, the platform allows for exchanges with other traders, provides relevant information in the feed, and autocopy features for successful members' trades. NAGA is a synergistic total solution that is easily accessible and inclusive. It provides an improved foundation to trade, invest, network, earn and pay. This applies to both fiat (currencies) and crypto products.

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Looking to practice short term leverage trading, we suggest using virtual money first, there will always be opportunities to trade news throughout the year. You can open an account with no funding, but you have to verify the account due to regulation. You need an identification document such as a passport, proof of residency such as a utility bill. Most brokers offer low entry to begin with real capital, circa $250.

Kyri Kyriacou, over 25 years working for leading banks and brokerages. Focused on providing top-notch trading & investing ideas to our clients @ Insiderkk.com

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