Updated: Jul 14

Covid19, trade wars, Brexit, immigration, climate change, economic turmoil.

Worrying times.

Interest rates near zero, stock markets erratic, Governments in turmoil trying to handle the Covid19 pandemic and save millions of jobs and industries, wow, depressing. Global warming, wars, the list is endless now.

So, what do investors do with their money? They park it.

Many institutional investors, who look after your money, such as banks, credit unions, insurance companies, pensions, hedge funds, REITs, investment advisors, endowments, and mutual funds will hedge and invest in traditional safe-haven assets.


Safe-haven assets are used by the mentioned investment managers or speculators to limit their exposure during times of market instability or even gain by buying assets that appreciate during these times.

Typically, during times of economic or geopolitical turmoil, many assets depreciate whilst safe havens are either stable or increase in value.

So, what are notable safe-haven assets we can trade?


Japanese yen

Swiss Franc

Defensive Stocks (Not military)

Gold is the classic safe- haven asset, precious, scarce, historically used in trading and tangible, you can stick it in a vault or under your bed.

With the impact of Covid19, Gold broke $2000 an ounce this year for the 1st time.

The Japanese Yen (JPY) is backed as a safe currency as it often appreciates against its majors when stocks and government bonds experience volatility. Japan is seen as a geopolitical neutral country with stability and sustained development. There are several factors that support the currency during market stress and as such has become a standard currency investment during such times. Many institutions require currencies as part of their portfolio because it is liquid and can be moved fast.

The Swiss franc (CHF) is like JPY, the country is strategically located bang in the middle of the economic power bloc of EU but neutral and again historically the currency gains support in such times.

Look at the year performance of some of the safe havens and you can see from January 2020 until now October 2020 safe havens have found strong investment, Candles represent one month of trade. The second wave has begun, will this trend continue?

A defensive stock is a stock that has consistent demand regardless of the state of the overall stock market & economy. There is a steady demand for their products, not just toilet paper

While many stocks will often fall in a general market sell-off, there are certain safe-haven stocks that can retain or increase in value during economic hardship and in recent years some Fintech stocks have become resistant to economic turmoil, especially with the recent lockdowns we have experienced, working from home etc. An ever-reliant and growing consumer demand for internet-based companies, has supported specific stocks.

Amazon as a Prime example (:

Some analysts are arguing Bitcoin has become a digital safe-haven asset in recent times of near-zero interest rate and Bond returns?